Looking for some extra hands! (Developers)



Hello everyone! :heart:

The title states it, we are looking for extra developers to join our development team for a different and unique :mascot:FiveM roleplay server. We welcome people experienced with Lua, C#, design, web development and/or 3D modeling and GTA modding. (And if you got none of these talents we welcome supporters too of course!)
Currently our small team already exists out of people experienced in web development, design, Lua and GTA modding. The reason for us looking for extra hands is because we simply will not be able to get this project finished within a reasonable time frame with the current team. Oh, and by the way, our main code base is Lua!

San Andreas V is a text-based :mascot:FiveM roleplay community. We aim to provide players a realistic and enjoyable roleplay experience and platform, where they are allowed maximum freedom to roleplay whatever they desire. We plan to offer a wide variety of features to enhance the roleplay experience ranging from advanced housing, factions, businesses and weapons system to a fully functioning government and developed economy.
We have a very clear plan worked out with both short and long term goals.
So can you help us achieve these goals and meanwhile make new friends for life and even become a new member of our friend circle?:smirk:

We are looking for people with experience in either:

  • Lua and/or C#
  • HTML & CSS, PHP and/or JavaScript
  • 3D modeling and/or (re)texturing

What does a typical day look like?

A typical scenario (currently) for a developer on our team looks like, you logging onto our Discord having a laugh with our team.:joy: Receiving a task to work on freely (sometimes with a deadline). During your task you are of course entirely free to ask questions, for extra hands or input your own suggestions. After finishing a task this process, of course, starts over again. Do not confuse this with a cold, labor and no fun enviroment however. We love to have fun even during tasks and of course know that this is simply voluntary and will not try to force you to sacrifise anything to work on this project. Not even the time you spend with us.:hugs:

What can you expect from us?

First of all, very nice, funny, annoying but caring friends for a life-time. Secondly, this is a great opportunity to develop your skills in a team with several people that have different backgrounds and specialisms.

  • An actual plan with short term and long term goals.:sunglasses:
  • It could serve as coding experience.:face_with_raised_eyebrow::computer:
  • Enough space for the volunteers to learn, make mistakes, improve and become better at their expertise in general. :face_with_monocle:
  • A professional work environment (Gitlab, Google Docs, dedicated servers, discord, teamspeak, web/ user control panels, forums and more… :scream:)
  • The overall project can also be used for your school projects or could potentially be used to expand your portfolio and developing experience. And we are more than willing to help you out with this.:wink::+1:

What do we expect from you?

We do not necessarily expect our developers to be around 24/7, however we do expect developers to be flexible and be seriously dedicated to, and participating with our project. As well do we expect developers to be able to both work alone and in a team. We also seek for people with similar passion for roleplay.
We expect you to at least play some random games with us occassionally and to be yourself.:wink:

Are you interested in helping us out? :star_struck::hugs: Please join our Discord to discuss it.:heart:

We hope to hear from you and see you soon!:wave:


Just for anyone wondering who this random project belongs to… :wave:
We already received a lot of help offers after this post and much love and thanks for all the responses and to our new family members. :heart:

However if you still feel the desire to help out, please do swing on by to have a chat and test the waters. You are always welcome! :hugs:


This is quite a big project so we are always looking for extra hands. :open_hands::flushed: (even if its third party)
So feel free to swing by even if its just for a chat!:sunglasses::heart:


Hi there people! :smiley: We have been silent and taking it slow for the past two months. But no worries, we are still here about that life and ready to pick up the pace again! :red_car::wind_face:

We could still use all the help we can get. :muscle: So swing on by even if you simply want to spy on us. :male_detective: