Looking For Server / or Server Owner / Developers


Hi, I’m Tactical,
I’m host of the server CDRP, but for the past 4 months i have been a bit disappointed on the people who i decided to sponsor. I pay for Five M Element Club and also for a 32 Slot ZapHosting and a webhost for a website, which costs me about $42/ month

I’m looking to sponsor a team of developers/leaders or co-operate with other server to get started all over again. I’m willing to pay for a server and other things as long as you are willing to be creative and bring new ideas to the FiveM community that have not yet been developed or been introduced to the community.

In return I dont want admin or anything, i want a server thats uniques and I’m willing to help myself and your team to do that…

“RP servers are plenty in our community, try something “similar” but new if you wish!”

I hate restriction put on players, if interested please contact me via FiveM forums, ill replay within 24 hours!


Discord Developer Looking for a large server to help!

Hey there!
We’re currently looking for developers on our side.
We’d love to see what you can bring to the table!



I think we meet most of the definitions you’ve laid out. Our community has many, many things that are pretty unique, plus a lack of restrictions. One of our goals is to avoiding copying servers, and instead come up with better ideas - a goal we’re doing quite well at fulfilling.

We’re not looking for financial support, we’re just looking for dedicated players who wish to help put time in.


(And yes, it is a roleplay server)



I will help



Hi I would be more than happy to help you out with skin developing for cars, all kinds of vehicles not only LEO. Contact me on discord: Norbe#3464
Then we can figure something out, I hope!



To all who have taken the time to read, I thank you, I’m still looking for a few more people, but Im going to contact everyone soon that has replied here or messaged me!