Looking for RP servers ACTIVE THAT USE LAMBDA


Exactly what the title say’s, would be interested in really anything at this point

Experienced Civilian and State Trooper!


Are you looking for a server side Lambda?


Just a server that uses a menu, I don’t like to grind for money.


check out State of Law RP, it is the latest posted server in the baazar

any questions please ask at https://discord.gg/6UTZfCH


My server uses Lambda. Not a server sided menu. As long as you have it downloaded you can join mine.


My Server Jetlandia Five M Is A new Server That Has Scripthook Enable Custom Scripts And Cars CopsFiveM lux Vehicle control and more.



Here’s my server info
TS: ts89.gameservers.com:91377
Discord: https://discord.gg/436hBv6


Hello, we’re Official V. We’re always hiring for members 24/7 we currently use Teamspeak as our main source of communication. We are currently working on our website (Using IPS) but you can join our Teamspeak and talk with us. We do patrol and we also have ELS and Lambda menu.

Website: forums.officialvrp.com


San Andreas State Roleplay - Were active everyday with European Members and US members