Looking for Roleplay Server [SeriousRP, Legal Jobs, Realism, LEO / EMS / Fire]



Hello there!

My friend and I are looking for a Roleplay Community to commit to. We are both 23 years old and EU-based. The past days we have been checking out several public Roleplay Servers on FiveM, literally spending hours in queues. But most of those Servers are lacking the special something, had no Police/EMS presence or players were simply too far spread out to have any meaningful roleplay going on.

We want to get into legal civilian jobs or preferably Law Enforcement / EMS / Fire. Yes, we are absolutely willing to commit to one Community and go through necessary applications and training; given that the Community offers the features we are looking for.

To list some features we are looking for:

  • Serious Roleplay
  • Realism in jobs, interactions and functionality
  • advanced vehicle interactions (indicators, locking, seatbelts, leave engine running on exit)
  • realistic vehicle handling and damage
  • presence of NPC and traffic
  • high number of players to interact with, or possibility of NPC related jobs
  • enforced traffic laws (speed cameras, high fines)
  • jobs when no other players are present (towing NPC vehicles, EMS or Fire callouts)

You can reach out to me on Discord: Andyyy#4095

Thanks and greetings,


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i reccomend Blue Country Roleplay Community | Custom EUP | Teampseak3 | Whitelisted | Friendly and Fun | Open For recruitment ive been with them for a long time and there great we dont have some things you have brought up but it is still in my opinon a very good community that you would fit into


MODRP is it’s developing stages… and we are hiring… so u could just join the discord… and wait for the completion, since this weekend we are planning to finish working on the server finally…
Discord: https://discord.gg/zxJA5rU
U will find the server IP and Info in the discord


Kingpin network is an up and coming roleplay server, with multiple decent sized twitch streamers aswell for quality roleplay. Everything is to be acted out and is serious roleplay. 32/32 at nighttime