Looking for (Lua) developers for a FiveM server!



Hello everyone!

Find the new post here.

Are you interested in helping us out? :smirk: Please join our Discord to discuss it.


Is it a San Andreas 5 RP server? If not, then I canโ€™t join because I only have that game.


Itโ€™s a FiveM server, so for Grand Theft Auto V of course.


Couple of things to improve the topic:

  • Is there a clear plan on what needs to be developed?

    • If so what would be the daily tasks for the programmer/developer.
    • Is the codebase mainly C#, Lua or undecided
  • Are there any more developers working on it (aka whats the current team)?

  • What do you guys expect from a developer apart from knowing Lua/C# and the FiveM API.