Looking for group. High activity is a must


Hi, new player here. I’m looking to be LE (doesn’t matter where) in a server with high activity. I have little experience with FiveM but I genuinely pick things up quick.

I’d like to see dispatch, 10 codes, and a law system. Again, being able to jump on during the 5-9p or later EST is the biggest thing I’m looking for.

I am a military guy who has IRL policing and security experience. Looking for a group to play with during my off time. If you think I might be a good match, feel free to respond below.



Heartland justice System or (HJS)
Hey there! Seen your post just wanted to tell you about my community. Our community is run by adults that are over in there 30’s and 40’s and strive to look for players who enjoy good rp and serious rp. Our fire department is run by real life volunteer firefighters. We have custom car skins and the full line of the xbr410 Fleet. Maybe we will see you soon!!


Hello there i see you are interested in roleplay.:wave:

Now are you interested in a server focused on realistic and fun roleplay you have come to the right place, of course we have alot going for us, but we also realize that words don’t mean much until you try out a server so we urge you to join us and try us out, after all what do you have to lose.

Departments Available
San Andreas Department of Public Safety
Blaine County Public Safety Commission
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
Blaine Fire

Come check us out at
Discord https://discord.gg/w88sCMD