Looking for good Whitelisted server out there



Looking for good Whitelisted server out there
ad me on discord if you know any
Hayden M.#9146


hello there, come check us out, although we’re still a week or two away from opening and whitelist will be happening down the road once we gain more members. In Development | Great Lakes Roleplay | ELS | EUP | Mass Recruitment |14+ | Realistic Roleplay | International Community | Revolutionizing | Duo Nations | Custom MDT | Pull Over A.I | Court System | Much More Coming! |


We are whitelisted, and constantly recruiting more members to fill positions if they qualify. If you like what you see then I encourage a visit.


Hey Hayden

I think we our kind of what you are looking for. We are whitelisted and we are opening soon. A week or so.
If you are intrested check our post out and i will also add you on discord. My discord is J.Kremers#3443

here is our forum post


RAWRP is a fairly new but fully developed Role Playing whitelisted server if you are interested in that.


Guys I am looking for whitelisted server please help me


FriendsRP is a great server. its whitelisted and we have a custom framework