Looking for french developer on ESX, possible remuneration



I’m Akhaess, founder of the “UtopiaRP” server alongside RiffleStudio for those who might know him.
It’s been five months that the server is open, with a community of more or less 350 players with serious roleplay and 20+ y.o members.

If I’m writing this post today, it’s because we are looking for a skilled French-speaking developper to give a new breath to our server, as we lack of one in our team. I’d like to add, even if it’s stated in the post’s title, this developper would of course be paid for their work. Do note that we are talking about someone who knows what they’re doing, who can truly create content and not copy/paste and edit scripts etc. If, of course, you would like to help us with evolving the server as a volunteer, you are welcome to join us.

I’d also like to add that our server is serious, many people don’t make it through our interviews, we are selective and we do refuse many applications.
The staff is listening to its community, very reactive on bans (in general there is no warning, they are warned during the interview so if they mess up hop hop bye bye naughty lil boy) so we are very strict on rules, hence the server’s lifetime.

So this is it, if you’d like to invest in something serious, you know where to find us!
I hope our prayers will be listened and the dev God will knock at our door hehehe

Here is the link to our “partner” Discord for a possible contact (don’t hesitate to PM RiffleStudio, AkhaessTV, Fabio Alario and PPDA):

Thanks in advance, and see you soon!


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