Looking For | Experienced Developer


With the increased popularity of FiveM and GTA Roleplay, it has attracted the attention of HD Gaming and has prompted the transition to be made into the world of FiveM Roleplaying.

|What is HD Gaming?|

Hollow Designs Gaming was founded by a small close knit group of serious roleplayers who enjoy creating and weaving intricate stories not only with eachother, but with a community of like minded people. Ranging from creative writers, to various other virtual scapes; the membership of HD Gaming as grown and bolsters a large and active member base.

|What are we looking for?|

We are looking for an experienced developer who has an intricate understanding of the FiveM servers and systems themselves. Additionally, we are seeking a qualified candidate who has experience with Lua scripting as well.

We are an 18+ community and cater towards being a place for adult gamers and roleplayers to come together to relax and have a good time. As such, we are looking for someone who is above the age of 18 and is mature.

As a note: We have a fully hosted 32 player server, server located in Nevada (US).

|What is in it for you?|

We provide a unique opportunity to part of the ground floor as a new community grows. We believe in being good community members, being good to eachother, and fostering an atmosphere of creativity. When you come to work with us, you are not only using your gifts and skills to better the community overall; you are assisting in providing that immersive space for players.

Additionally, for the right candiate coming on as a senior developer with the HD Gaming family, this would also include an Administrative position within the GTA RP portion of the community.

|Communicate with us!|

Because we understand that GTA RP is a beast of its own, we have created a separate discord away from our main community hub. This allows us to provide specific channels and GTA specific communication paths that are not bogged down by the main HD server. This also allows us to work with a small group in an open chat setting prior to making the community public.

Potential Candidates may contact me on discord and if the fit is good, will be invited to the community server to thinktank with the team and begin operations.

Contact Information: Feel free to contact me here via reply or PM.