Looking for els community and possibly an open department head postition


looking for els server and an open department head if possible as I have lots of experience


Hey bud Novum RP is in the process of adding ELS in. Should be in by next week. We also have some high spots open in our departments if your willing to put in a little work and work or it. Our server website is http://www.novumrp.com/ if you like to check it out and join. We have a in game working MDT/CAD and 50 regular members and a ton of other people who come on our server daily to RP. Our team speak is novumrp.ts-ip.com if you have any questions feel free to join it and come talk to me bud.

SAHP Commissioner
Jackson C. | 5X-1


San Andreas Emergency Management Agency is always looking for new people. There are about ten of us who play at any given time so there is plenty of room for growth. Feel free to look us up and join us in game. We have ELS, a lot of scripts, and a serious rp community. PD/FD/EMS/911 and Civ slots open.

Mark Clark,
Director - SAEMA