Looking for DEVS! We need you ASAP



Hello, my name is Garrett and I represent HighLife roleplay community. We are looking for some developers that would be able to help us in the long run. We have many benefits to offer and many roles to offer.
– positions –
-Head Developer
-All around Developer
-Skin developer
-Skin developer

If you are wanting to join our community as one of these positions just join the discord and we will get you all set up!

-Thanks https://discord.gg/bdDDJX5


Former server owner here. Spicypickles was a moderator for about a week on my server before he was granted temporary Discord admin access to install a bot for us. He proceeded to ban and unban people for unknown reasons, deleted our permanent Discord links so they no longer linked to Discord, made himself a god in the admin panel, among other equally screwed up things.

Sorry spicy, that was not at all cool what you did. People need to be made aware of what you’re capable of when things aren’t going your way.


Geez. I swear lol. With that comment ^^^^ I doubt anyone would wanna write any code or build any vehicles for this community…

Could be a false comment. Could be true?


Most def a fake post, I dont know what they are talking about


ok people like to troll, no need to make this category go off topic, better to say this now than later. utilise PM’s if you guys wanna communicate about this.

Also renamed your topic. A topic called Attention all Devs is kinda misleading for all.


Absolutely not a troll post.


no one cares, take it to PM’s