Looking for devs and admins for upcoming server!


Hello, hope you are all having a nice day! I’m currently looking for devs for the server, a website/applications etc. I’m only 13 myself but is very mature. O If you are here as admin Then im looking for 2-3, must be 14+, will be interviewed. Will have ranks for staff so for example it will be “Probate staff - Staff - admin - senior admin.” Probate staff is a staff try out will be put on it for abit a week, then after that you will have staff. you will have the ability to kick BUT not banned! when you move to admin you will have the ability to ban. Once at senior admin you will be the head of admins and staff. Only a few will achieve this rank tho!
if you are intrested please let me know asap. i have rented a server and a teamspeak soon im looking now!

i want people that are kind and love them community!
and devs and myself will be talking about ranks etc!