Looking for Developer - New Survival/RP/Zombie - 2nd Server



Hello! My community is looking at opening another server, and we’re ready to give zombie/survival a shot, we have a basic game mode in place, but we could use some help to build this from the ground up!

We have some really good concepts in place, and the community to make it popular, we just need the devs to make it happen. This is going to be as unique as we can make it, and we imagine this could be a really popular experience.

We run on a vps, and we know what we’re doing, we don’t need someone who can make a database and knows how to change values in LUA, I can do that myself. We need a dedicated and creative script developer who knows how to have a good time and make cool shit.

Main Server: San Andreas Nation Roleplay (SANRP)
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/YmXgrMK

Obviously, we’re looking for

  • LUA Scripting from scratch
  • Modifying C# maybe?
  • Be a cool guy/gal

If you’re interested in helping, add Floh on discord!




This is gonna be sick :heart_eyes:


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