Looking for developer for a one time project


We are looking for a experienced developer to complete a project for us. It is something we are in need of and would love to have on our server but I am not able to make it happen so I am reaching out. Below are screenshots of what we are looking for. This would be a menu we could open up either though our F6 esx policejob menu or even by a simple /command. We wouldn’t want it to look EXACTLY like the images below, I just threw together a quick little example. Some flair and make them look nice would be ideal. Obviously we would want all of this to connect to our database and display any information there and also log any charges. We can talk more in depth about things via discord at Wes187inc#4869. If you feel you are up to the task, contact me and we can discuss things.

As you can see in the second screenshot. There will be a list of charges, when you type in the persons name (or you could even make it not do the name and just the ID of them on the server) that will determine who you are charging.

Again, I am sure some people may have questions about features, just send me a message on discord so we can talk.


Hey man i tryed to do you friend request but it didnt wotk my discord is James Carven #4132
i know how to develope a server


You just recently made a thread saying you are new to coding and don’t know how to code.

Your thread.


Nope I have figured it out


He learned to code in 16 hours. Impressive. I guess I was fooled into a 4 year degree. :confused:


While I appreciate your interest, there is no way you could do the things we are looking for at the moment. There is just a lot that goes into coding and with the scripts we are looking to bring onto the server, it takes experience.

For others who have messaged me and to let people know for future contacts, I am looking for someone who can create on their own not modify already created scripts. Granted there may be times you would need to adjust settings, commands, etc. But mostly I can handle that, I just need someone to develop unique custom scripts like menus, MDC, CAD, separate characters, etc.

After speaking to the other guy I am running this with, we have discussed reimbursement for your troubles, this is something that would only apply to someone with the skill to do what we need without hesitation.


Reimbursement in the form of payment? That is against the FiveM Terms of Service and will result in your server being banned.


I was not aware it was against the ToS to pay a developer, I always figured aslong as the server itself wasn’t making money, things were ok. How do these sites selling CADs get by then? They are pretty much making money off FiveM and GTA.

But thank you for letting me know, we thought about reimbursement in many forms, but I will make sure money is not one of them now.


Good question. I’ve never researched anything like that. Perhaps because they aren’t actually hosting FiveM servers so there’s no way to ban them. Doesn’t make it not against the ToS but perhaps unenforceable.

Good luck with the development of your server.


Updated the post to reflect our current need/desire.


CADs are completely different as they can be used for more then just GTA5.

CADs were around before GTA5 was a thing and CADs are also web design.


Guess I meant a mdc? mdt? Either way the images kind of give you a idea what I’m looking for.


sorry, it was in reply to the comment about people charging for CAD’s.


Makes sense then, answers that question for me lol