Looking for Developer/Development Assistance


I’m currently looking for assistance with our Development Team in scripting our server. We currently maintain a dedicated box and have a volunteer team working on the scripting. However, they are consistently busy with outside requirements and the tasks still to accomplish are - numerous. I’m posting this for those interested in either short-term assistance or with the interest with joining our Development Team long term. Feel free to message me here for any inquires that you might have.

Additionally, if you have any broad or general questions/comments; feel free to post them here.


I could help with the server. I know how to do els and scripts and cars!


Messaged! Thanks for taking the time!


Hey man i really need your help i dont know how to make car addons can you help me.

Discord : GGGaming#4880


To those that have messaged me already; I appreciate the time taken and look forward to working with you! We’re still continuing to grow a healthy server developer team, and are very much interested in hearing from anyone who’s interested!


Hey, Im very intressed in helping your server, I’m working on my own FXServer not portforwarded and if you want i can get it into your server, its an framework, or if you want, i can make it so it sync’s your wanting!


It’s been a couple of months and our Development/Developer team has grown! We’ve launched an early Alpha server with great reviews. We’ve currently logged over two hundred different unique log-ins and we’re growing quickly. We’re still dealing with issues in reference to our current framework, integrating new scripts, and modifying what we have to make it more user friendly.

If you might be interesting in joining an established team and functional server (with an independent developer server) let me know!