[LOOKING FOR DEV] New Age RP (First in our Country)


:earth_americas: Hi everyone! This is the first Hungarian FiveM Roleplay Server :earth_americas:

Our goal is to make the first FiveM Roleplay Server in our country.
We see high potential in this project because in our contry at this time donโ€™t have any servers
We have a little team what works on this project, but the modโ€™s translation
is in very early stage thats why only BETA.

:globe_with_meridians: Our Team :globe_with_meridians:

:art: 2 Graphics Designers :art:
:books: 5 Translators :books:
:keyboard: 1 Web Developer :keyboard:

:warning: WE ARE LOOKING FOR MOD DEVS :warning:
:warning: CONTACT US ON OUR DISCORD :warning:
:warning: :arrow_double_down: DISCORD LINK END OF THE POST :arrow_double_down: :warning:

:desktop_computer: ABOUT THE SERVER :desktop_computer:

We have a working mod but the mod has some bugs.

Whats working
:credit_card: Identity System :credit_card:
:man_office_worker: Skin Creation :man_office_worker:
:tshirt: Clothes Shop :tshirt:
:fuelpump: Fuel System :fuelpump:
:moneybag: Banking System :moneybag:
:houses: Property System :houses:
:blue_car: Car Rent System :blue_car:
:office: Jobs System :office:
:police_car: LSPD *Fraction :police_car:
:ambulance: EMS *Fraction :ambulance:
:taxi: Taxi/Uber *Fraction :taxi:
:hammer_and_wrench: Mechanic *Fraction :hammer_and_wrench:
And bunch of other stuffโ€ฆ
*Fraction means: Whitelisted Jobs

What features have little bugs
:red_car: Driving School :red_car:

:warning: !!For now only Dev Interviews!! :warning:
CONTACT US ON DISCORD: https://discord.gg/92jVmbX
E-MAIL: bendeguzbagi@gmail.com
:warning: !!For now only Dev Interviews!! :warning:


If u want to join us pm me on discord! :slight_smile:


What is the new discord code I dont mind being a dev/mod to be honest.


Hey! :slight_smile: Now our discord is unavailable because we working on the roles and channels :slight_smile: if u have a question pm me! :slight_smile: