Looking for dev/lead admin



Looking for a dev/lead admin to help with the server. I am currently hosted with OVH VPS Cloud RAM II running Linux. This person will be responsible for:

Setting up/Maintaining ESX, OpenCAD (or another CAD program), and general server maintenance. You will work with the other admins directing them on their job duties as needed. You may of course play on the server as well or you are welcome to be behind the scenes only.

The server is just coming back after a several month hiatus (we switched to another game for a while). If you are looking for a fun and friendly group of people to work with then we would love to have you. You MUST have previous Linux and MySQL experience.


Feel free to reply here or visit our discord to chat. https://discord.gg/AX2NajN


are u still looking for a dev


Add me on discord :grinning:

Tyler Moose#6227


I am looking for a dev as well if your interested


Please mind the date of the topic.