Looking for Dev Help!



Hello, My Community is currently actively looking for Developers to help us push forward with our Realistic RP server. We currently have about 140 people total in the community as of this post and are pushing to have our GTA RP server our very soon! (within the next month)

We have been waiting a few months now so we are no stranger to waiting but in reality, would like it done as soon as possible within a month or sooner.

We are looking for Developers and Modelers of all kinds! Whether it be simple to help configuring already made scripts or creating your own scripts to help us meet our wants/needs!

We are a different community and server because we have 5 admin team which all are on the same level and no sole owner and our goal is to keep everything fair and will not allow any kinda of power abuse of any kind. We all are looking to have a super serious realistic RP server.

We could really use help creating some custom scripts but like said above all dev help is welcomed and will be talked to, to see where and if you can help us in any way.

Depending on how much your help us you have the chance to join our team permanently as one of our devs. We do not, however, give special staff ranks for doing dev work. You would have to apply like everyone else.

IF your are interested at all and would like to talk to the team head over here ( https://discord.gg/ZfuNECG ) and post your strengths and weaknesses withing FiveM Deving. You can also PM me on here if you would like. It may not be 100% immediate but either one of the Dev with talk to you or one of the Admin will.