Looking for Co-Owner & Dev's! | FiveM RolePlay Server |


Hi all,
I want to start a brand new FiveM Roleplay server.
What i need people to help me with:

  1. Server Knowledge / Server Management Experience.
  2. Must have experience in Five M as a whole involving roleplay.
  3. Preference towards those with server administration history

I am the one that is going to be paying the server & server accessories you do not need to worry about that.

Note: I will NOT be paying those who will help me, That is simply because i cannot afford to do so.

Basic Language:
I need people to help me with setting the server up, for example: Adding jobs, Drugs stuff, Custom vehicles etc!

Are you interested? Please feel free to contact me using discord: DuhItzRik#3222
[You can easy make discord here: https://www.discordapp.com]

Looking forward to talk with you!


Server Co-Owner & Dev's Needed! | FiveM Roleplay |

I also need cops so message me!


You may want to add more info, why developers should choose your servers, information etc. Rather than just saying you need them.


I did, thanks :smiley:


Just added you on discord. Make sure to hum when ur available im willing to help.