Looking for Car Enthusiast’s | Recruiting Civilians, Shop/Garage Owners, Car Salesman Etc. “Screen Shots Below”


We’re looking for Civilians, Police and EMS/Fire. We have 150+ add on vehicles and we have custom garages and shops. We will hold events such as Drag Racing with custom Drag cars, Street Racing with custom cars, as well as Drifting events with custom drift cars, Demolition Derby.

A custom server with amazing add on vehicles, Drag Racing Events, Street Racing Events, Drifting Events, Dirt Track Racing, and Demolition Derby. Serious RP. We have a Custom CAD and working on getting our website launched soon. Join us today and become a Custom Garage/Shop owner or just a Rich Civilan buying cars and taking them to local shops for customization.


  • Civilians
  • Police Officers
  • Fire/EMT
  • Shop/Garage Owners
  • Car Salesman
  • Tow Truck and Delivery Drivers

Join Us Today:
*Discord Server: https://discord.gg/s7MAfjk 13