Looking for Aop/peactime/discord Script


Looking for a script that were next to the map it shows your discord server Aop and peactime Please respond


There is a search feature for a reason. There is also Google.


i know but i cant find a AOp script that is just AOp


Well FAXES made a script that is AOP and has peace time so. And if it isn’t what you want then you can make one how you want it


Yes but theres this 1 server well alot that has it with big text and stuff with there discord link


FYI “a lot” is 2 words.

Not every server posts their scripts they use. Like I said, if it isn’t what you want then make it yourself.


well i have everything i have the Aop and peactime in big font im just working on discord link and stuff im not so good so i am wondering if there is one…




We have a “big one” on our server. It’s basically an edited version of FaxesAOP. Just look at the lua files and play with stuff till you get what you want. Trial and error.


Search the releases man on the forums, @FAXES has a great version of what you want :+1: