Looking for an RP home


Pretty new to FiveM in general and only just found out that there’s FX and ESX servers but im looking for an RP server which could potentially home myself and 2 or 3 others with relatively active regular players.

If you’ve any helpful advice you could give with what the differences are / what to look for / how they both work thatd be muchly appreciated too <3


** Heartland Justice System is a Menu based server that offers lambda and simple trainer along with non els. players can be creative and create their Roleplay Scenarios we also are staring to open up the ability to own and manage your business please speak with owner or community manager. We are now offering a nightly patrol that starts at 4pm cst-8pm cst or just hop on anytime!!
In the server we offer many different departments such as:


  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO)
  • San Andreas Highway Patrol (SAHP)
  • Communications Department (CD)
  • San Andreas Fire Department (SAFD)
  • San Andreas Medical Department (SAMD)
  • Civilian Department Civ Ranks
  • Blaine County Volunteer Fire Deparment (BCVFD)

For officers to progress further we also offer multiple sub-divisions to apply for

  • Detective
  • K9
  • Gang Unit
  • Drug Traffic Unit
  • Swat
  • Blaine County Motorcycle Unit
  • Air Support Unit

anyone can be a Voulenteer for any of the Departments without applying or anything.
But if you wish to become a part of the Department there are Applications available.**


check us out please https://discord.gg/6S56xD


Hey, would love to help you out and explain everything to you. If you want you can DM me on here or on Discord termanator1128#0001 .

I run a community which the information for that can be found here if you are interested.


Thanks for all of the replies guy’s <3 its appreciated.


Hello there i see you are interested in roleplay.:wave:

Now are you interested in a server focused on realistic and fun roleplay you have come to the right place, of course we have alot going for us, but we also realize that words don’t mean much until you try out a server so we urge you to join us and try us out, after all what do you have to lose.

Departments Available
San Andreas Department of Public Safety
Blaine County Public Safety Commission
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
Blaine Fire

Come check us out at!!!
Discord https://discord.gg/w88sCMD
Website www.diamondcutrp.com


Hey, Casa_Bella. I’m Assistant Director Keegan P. of County Life Role Play. I see lots of other people have contacted you but if you’re still interested in a community feel free to join our discord! If you still want some clarification on roleplay feel free to contact me (Contact info below) and i will explain to you my knowledge on roleplay and what we are accomplishing here at County Life RP. Thanks, Have A Great Day! https://discord.gg/6nwzE62 // Keegan P.#0240




we are currently looking for new members at ASRPC. What we offer is emergency services and civilian operations.
feel free to join our discord https://discord.gg/dVsfcts


Welcome @everyone To Paused Gaming, Similar to how we are as a group of friends and a small community now we want to continue to grow within our own ability and not only for our own fun and enjoyment but to bring more members to our group and have some quality fun rp for streamers and video makers to have enjoyable content… for those of you who just simply play we want to bring you a world of GtaV that you can enjoy being a part of and wan’t to come back and bring your friends! Welcome once again an behalf of Paused Gaming Staff Team and Owners! :smiley: https://discord.gg/2RzyJYq


Welcome to AtonementRP, where we have streamers that show their characters stories and bring the to life. Currently have over 130+ whitelisted individuals, criminal whitelisted organizations, Sheriff Department, and EMS with role play embedded features such as a usable wheelchair. We go for more story driven than economy grind to give more value to the server. Come join us here: https://discord.gg/bXsuaWt

This picture is one of our criminal organizations, The Seven Deadly Sins:


Come check out California Life RP we have 1500 members and are growing steadily.


Hi @Case_Bella,
Welcome to the FiveM community in general, I would like to introduce myself and my Community to you as a learning experience filled with adventure, respect, and trust because we believe in a set of Core Values in which we as the Department of Public Justice (DoPJ) believe are mandatory for a good honest friendship.

However below are some links to our Public details I would like to strongly recommend (I know funny right? the Director “strongly” recommending you check his stuff?) I get that however we have learning resources and group fun/play that I believe you could be interested in.

However, you mentioned knowing the difference between ESX and FX?
The DoPJ try to incorporate both of these into one massive server allowing for everybody still to use our own roleplay style while incorporating both styles. This means we have jobs available to advance our scenario creation but also give a different outlet of roleplay in the same way. But then we have a non-modified trainer (Route Drawing and Spectate have been taken away).

If you have any questions feel free to contact us below! Happy hunting!

Department of Public Justice Roleplay Community
Est. 2017/01/01.
Official Website
Official Facebook Page
Official Public Relations Discord
FiveM Forum Post
Official Public Relations Teamspeak
Email: Recruitment@dopjrp.com

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