Looking for an Experienced TS Developer



I am looking for someone who knows there way around discord. I need someone who can set up perms and special roles like a DND role and a Muzzle/ anchor role.

Please join this discord and PM me if you are interested. https://discord.gg/Y7qhpSF


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Hi :wink: Let’s talk on discord.


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Still looking


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bump up. Looking for members


Join quickly to get a better chance at better roles


Doing weekly patrols till we get moire members. Daily training


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Still looking. mention or pm me when you join


Its been a long amount of time. So people probs don’t want too.

As for your bumping don’ do it

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The post has been active for a long amount of time. I just started looking for a VPS owner. Im sorry for not waiting the full 24 hours


I would not suggest this. You should own and pay for it, its better security etc. If you can’t do that ask yourself: if your not paying for the VPS or Server stuff is it worth running a server.

Most people wont do this as they feel like they get used and whats in it for them.


I have the experience and I have the team. Im a student who is unable to get a job in my town. But i do get and understand your POV


Ok. So from my experiences following servers, although I dont wanna put anyone down, it does not sound like the best of ideas, your too vulnerable…


Well i do appreciate the feedback but I am going to go with my gut


Thats fine, just dont keep bumping the topic…


Im allowed to follow the 24 hour bump tho right