Looking for an Admin Partner


Hi all.

I’m looking for a partner that would be interested in running a community with me. Basically I’ll be the financial backer and pay for all the hosting, and the partner would be there to manage the community.

I’m looking for someone with verifiable experience in server management, also someone that is mature (sorry kids, no 14 year olds. Minimum 18+).

As my partner you would be responsible in primarily running the community, recruiting, and general server management. Again, I will handle the financial obligations. I currently have valid server hosting, web hosting, CAD/MDT, etc. I also have a server with the vehicles and scripts I would like on it.

The server has been around since 2016, however I have had very limited time to dedicate to running a community causing the community to go mostly inactive. We will continue to operate under the previous name. I need someone that can devote a decent amount of time as I can’t always be online (I work 3 jobs plus own my own business.)

If this sounds of interest to you, join my discord at http://discord.sanandreas911.com and lets chat. I look forward to getting something started by the New Year!


Server in need of admins

Hey there,

I would like to be Admin of the server, i am 21 Years old, i have not that much experience, because the servers i owned was not that populated to do something as a admin, (it was a couple non-gta servers) but i am a person with my own opinion, and i don’t choose a side for who is right or not. Unless there is proof.

Looking foward to be a admin :slight_smile:
I joined already your Discord.


Bump, still looking for the right person!


I will do it I’m 19 years of age and I ran my own community for a bit but It went down the drain and have been looking for a good RP community ever since


Join on the discord and we can chat.


Still looking!



Me Gusta Gatos. – Im good enough! See ya in the server bossman! :wink:


Still looking for the right person!


Good morning.

Would you mind hoping on the Discord and we can chat a little bit more?


@JSto have you found anyone yet, I checked your discord server and it doesn’t look like it. :grinning: I am 19 and hope we can talk soon.