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You will have power in Discord, Teamspeak and on the server when Failrp is causing Roleplay to stop. You will also have duties to perform to make sure that everyone who is new and who aren’t understand that you are in charge. You are above them and any actions they make you have the right to kick or ban them for their actions.

The permissions you will have.
Kick People
Ban People
Mute members
Move members
Change roles of players

More permissions may come.



You will be in charge of keeping the server rp going and if you are called to an area where players are arguing over who failed rp or not than you can ask them to go back and roleplay or kick them from the server and inform Admin just in case any further investigation is needed.

The permissions you will have.
Kick people
Mute members
Move members


General staff members

You will perform duties on discord and Teamspeak making sure that everyone has been interviewed and given their correct ranks you will also deal with anything that should not be in the servers as well as discord. If you see something that breaks the rules than you can act on it.

Our staff team is fully dedicated to help you out with general questions and show you what we do and how things work in our servers. We can show you what to expect from people roleplaying on our servers and also where to apply for The Emergency Services.

We are a dedicated team to make sure that we will bring roleplaying first but will deal with any failrp as we don’t tolerate that on our servers.

You will have permissions
Kick people
Mute members
Move members
Change roles.


Our internal Affairs Department.

We have a department that deal with investigations into incidents and possible suspicions of law-breaking and professional misconduct attributed to officers on the force, You will be investigated if you have broken any laws or found to go against our conduct authority.

When you are being investigated you will be suspended from the Emergency Services until the investigation is over and you have had a hearing on what the outcome will be.


Communications Department

With our communications department you are the beating Heart of the Emergency Services as you will directing all 911 calls as well as sending Emergency Services Personnel to calls that come in. You will be making sure that every call is heard and that everything that comes in over the radios you will listen and support Our Personnel in any way you can.

You are the beating heart and when you stop communicating then the Emergency Services will stop and any 911 calls that come in won’t be answered and we won’t be able to preserve life or help the civilians who are in trouble.

Always pay attention you never know when an Personnel could press their panic button or shout over the radio for help.


Police Department

Our Police officers are sworn to help the civilians of Los Santos and to protect and serve the community of Los Santos. When our officers walk in to start their shift they know they are risking everything on the line everyday. Making people aware of dangers that could be right around the corner. Also Our officers will be trained to tackle any problems. We are also dedicated to delivering police services, in partnership with the communities we serve, to keep our city the best and safest place to be. We strive to bring positive and constructive influences when dealing with each other and the members of our communities. Our Officers receive a high level of training and are backed by today’s most innovative and modern Law enforcement technologies


Emergency Medical Team

Our EMT will go above and beyond to protect their patents from danger sometimes they will put themselves on the life to let the injured live. There has been cases where EMT have been abducted to save people who can’t go to the hospital. They work very hard to bring the treatment they need for their patient in order for them to live. They will protect the civilians by risking their own lives.

Fire Department

Our Firefighters risk everything when they respond to calls. They could respond to car crashes, Plane crashes, Building fires, Thee has been cases where they may respond to the call they don’t want to hear. Terrorism Attack. They will respond and help the Police and EMT’s in any way they can to help the civilians of Los Santos and provide shelter to anyone that needs it. They work long hours protecting the civilians of Los Santos.

More Information Click on this link https://discord.gg/6JxKjzM


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Need Admins for server experience is not required but is necessarily


I prefer this community !! One of the best communities out there ! I would join the discord and at least say hi. They have friendly staff that like to communicate to one and another and get to know you all.


Thank you, We are looking for a cad system to be made for our community. Join our discord or private message me for more details. Thank you


We now have a cad system fully working, We are now hiring for all police officers, fire and ems,