Looking for a whitelisted, police roleplay server!



Im looking for a whitelisted police roleplay server with a nice playerbase and a CAD/MDT system.

  • No rigorous training, I know my stuff, let me prove it to you with a simple interview and a simple training, no 4-hour trainings.
  • Please be whitelisted, looking for roleplay, not RDM.
  • I am looking to be civ, LEO and dispatch (Alterations can be discussed.)
    *CAD/MDT system, realistic but not overboard, have some interactivity with the dispatch through the CAD and a div database so dispatch does 10-27s, 10-28s and 10-29s.

If you have what I’m looking for you can PM me, reply, message me on discord (phumkie#2856) or add me on steam (phumkie).


Hello, I’ve played about with the Idea of making my server white listed for a little while, so if the players want it then they can have it.

As for training if you prove your good enough then fine.
(certain specalized training for higher up positions would still be required but then again no one really gets to bypass that though its literally only for 3 special police cars)

if you want to see our somewhat basic Databased stored MDT you can login here (http://5m.envious.media/lspd) with the username and passsword as read.

Ts: envious.media
Server: s2.envious.media


Welcome to SouthernFuture Justice Roleplay. Here, you can find an amazing, friendly, respectful community experience, with serious roleplay, all the time. SouthernFuture Justice Roleplay is a group that is dedicated, first, to have fun, and present the community, not only with serious roleplay, but also with a family experience.

Family Experience:
SouthernFuture Justice Roleplay provides you with a family, that is always there for you, and gets along. We want that family experience to thrive within this community. Unlike many roleplay communities, we interact with community members while not roleplaying, where we can all have fun. If there is any fear that this family experience is going away for you, you can fill out an Internal Affairs Complaint form, that will look into resolving the problem.

Roleplay Experience:
Your experience of roleplay in this community will be great. At the rare occasion that something goes wrong, you can fill out an IA Complaint form on that person.
All Internal Affairs Complaints of SFJRP are looked into, to ensure member’s satisfaction.

We have many departments for you to choose such as:

Los Santos Police Department

San Andreas Highway Patrol

Blaine County Sheriff’s Office

Civilian Operations

Communications (dispatch)

Los Santos Fire Department

As you may see we have many departments to chose from. We’re looking for more, and more members everyday. We’re gaining many members a day, and not a single person has regret it. I highly encourage you to join as many opportunities are still open. We’re whitelisted as well to keep out all the Fail RP. We have around 150+ members, and still growing. Promotions are handed out every week depending on how good you do, and we have many many ranks to work for. So what do you say? Come on over, and have the best role playing experience ever!

If you wish to apply go to @ http://www.sfjrp.com/46
If you wish to join our discord here’s our invite! @ https://discord.gg/8Cd76tk (You’re automatically put into #recruit_chat so you won’t be able to see all the members in the discord)
Promotional Video (Short length) @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tADdccEwUMk&t=16s
Promotional Video (Long length) @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nQaxbFriNA&t=275s