Looking for a server that has it together

Despite the mess we are still looking for a great server like stated in the op

Hey, thanks for lmk. It should work now or use this.

We are still actively fixing things and actually have to upgrade our server.

Discord: https://discord.gg/BP3rXq2

Please by all means post your servers. If your can please the op that would save us all some headaches

Im not going to sit here and make a long recruiting post but if you are interested we have just started a new server that is launching tomorrow night check us out if you want

I’m not going to beat around the bush here, I am an admin over at ConflictRP, we are not released yet but we are releasing April 19th. I personally prefer criminal RP over roleplaying as a cop like most server admins do, so I 100% get the “cops must win” mentality you always come across, and I always fight for that to not be a thing! Our server is going to be both public and whitelist (where you are required to be 16+ and mature).

We have a number of highly experienced cops even some who are IRL cops too! We have updates planned for close after launch where bank robberies and businesses will be implemented and they will be in depth and unique.

You asked for a weekness, honestly with us not being released yet I can’t really answer this but our economy might not be everyones cup of tea… I say this because we want a nice balanc where you can still earn money to live but not enough money so that everyone has a super car within a week of playing. But one of our biggest selling points is probably that we have a fully custom built framework which will allow us to pretty much make anything possible! If you want to check us out, feel free if not thats cool.

Discord: https://crp.gg/discord
Twitter: @ConflictRP
Website: https://conflictrp.com/
Forums: https://forums.conflictrp.com/

Thank you for your response and also responding back with some really solid answers. I will be looking forward to your opening and I have joined your Discord.

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Give this server a try… Fully Custom, Great Staff and still new… FSN CUSTOM Framework | NoPixel Styled | Serious RP | Economy Based | DRUGS | PROPERTIES | Custom Scripts | CUSTOM TEAMSPEAK VOIP | Menu Based (No Trainer) | Active Admins/Dev

Still looking please share your server

Keep em coming

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In all honesty, as you’ve probably already noticed, it’s close to impossible to find a server that fits you. Especially because as you can see many users simply advertise their server without even thinking whether they meet your needs.

The good servers on FiveM don’t advertise here because they simply don’t have to. Despite you not sounding too fond of public servers, I still highly suggest you sort the server list by player count and go down the list. A full server means people like it. Of course a lot will still be the typical copy paste servers with little to stand apart, but there are some gems inside.

That’s how I have personally always found servers to play on. Some of these “gems” also have a second whitelist server that you can gain access to after proving you fit their culture.

I honestly don’t think you’ll find a server here with all your needs especially for you wanting it to be whitelisted. Most whitelisted servers that will reply here will most likely just be run by a couple of friends with little to no solid userbase.

I hope some of these tips and recommendations helps you

Glad to see a Mod who stated it as well. I hope many of you that see this will read what he stated and take a second to look at yourselves and what you are promoting and ask “Am I doing enough in a providing a quality server or should I maybe take some more time to invest in my craft?”

Where would you find whitelisted servers? I have gone through many “popular public” servers and found that they are “popular” for most of what I stated and less on RP. I know there are more servers outside of No Pixel and The Family RP. There is no way these are the best servers out there? Hell to keep it a buck no I am finding every server now is a frickening No Pixel rip off now. Its outrageous.

In regards to making a server I am kinda thinking that many of these big servers are paying their dev’s in some sort of way. I don’t that is just my crazy thought. I digress, what is one to do

Check it out

Its been hard but hell with it. Bump

Hello there, we at Continuem Rolplay try to give you the best experience as possible. Here’s a summary of how it all got started. I always played on SA:MP roleplay servers and learned everything I know now about roleplaying on those servers. Then I tried to get my friends into roleplaying but they didn’t like SAMP but much preffered FIVEM and we were like yeah lets give it a go. But we didn’t really find a server that we liked and it was all pretty vague and repetitive. So thats when I started to try and develop my own server with my friends, we are now in a phase where we feel it’s really enjoyable and so we’ve decided to make it public now! We currently have group of around 8 people who play it regularly, and are welcoming everyone who will behave and roleplay normally like adults.

We are currently recruiting Police officers and EMS, if you feel like you can do that job you can apply for it on our discord and I will put you through a rp test, if you are capable enough you will be hired!

List of illegal activities:

  • Drugs: Weed, Coke, Opium and Meth, the locations of those must be discovered through RP, we currently have a few players who will give you hints.
    -Car thief: You have to bring a stolen car from A to B, but be aware cops will be alerted!
    -Burglary: If you buy the proper vehicle (Box Ville) you have the option to rob houses at night, be aware tho, if you get cought the police will be alerted!
    -Rob Stores/Banks: Locations once again have to be found trough RP, you will need to equip a weapon and get in the orange circle, then the police will be alerted and you have to defend yourself against the cops, the longer you survive the more money you get!
    -Illegal cargo: - As a truckdriver you have the choice to drive illegal cargo, pays more, but if you get cought you are in big trouble!
    -And more…

Legal jobs:

  • Police (whitelisted)
  • EMS (whitelisted)
  • Garbage man
  • Fueler
  • Fisherman
  • Lumberjack
  • Mechanic
  • Miner
  • Pizza boy
  • Diver
  • Taxi driver
  • Truckdriver
  • and more…

We also have alot of functionality on our server, personal garages, player owned shops, police radio and much more. We pretty much stacked everything we liked from servers into one server while keeping the roleplay aspect alife! Currently have a player base of 8 people (18+). But everyone is more then welcome to join if you can behave normally! If you want to find out more you may join our Discord and leave suggestions and I will try to implement it ASAP! Currently not alot of custom vehicles, but we are adding those once we get the base perfected! We hope to see you on the server!

Discord: https://discord.gg/t2Y4RyM

I would check out GMAC (GTA Mobile Alabama Clan), we are a police roleplaying server that has been alive since 2013. We started out on Grand Theft Auto IV and switched over to GTA V when FiveM released.

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DONAVANJR1
Website: www.gtamobilealabamaclan.com

@Cadmus_Charles I’m currently on the hunt for the same type of server you are. Have you found anything promising?

Olden Times RP Is An Upcoming FiveM Server That Offers A lot For Our Members.
Our Goal Is To Grow And Have Packed Out Servers But Most Importantly Having Good & Professional RP!
Our Server Is Well Developed and Always Maintained! We Also Add Scripts/Vehicles That The People At Olden TImes RP Want!
We Have 4 Departments!

Civilian Operations
San Andreas State Police
San Andreas Fire/EMS Department
San Andreas Communications Department!!

We Have Custom and Paid LEO & Civilian Vehicles!
We Also Have A CAD/MDT and A Forums Page!
Don’t Have FiveM? No Worries, You Can Still Be Part Of The Fun! Our Dispatch Department Is Free For Anyone To Join even if you dont have FiveM!

Come Join Us So We Can Grow and Enjoy Olden Times RolePlay!

:oncoming_police_car: LEO • Fire • EMS • Dispatch
:cop: Serious RP • Active Staff
:hammer:Custom Scripts/Vehicles • vMenu

Please NOTE: We are still growing and need more people to play!!!

Welcome to street justice roleplay a unique serious fictional roleplaying community
where all of your judge dredd dreams come true
We are a fairly new GTA V RP community on Fivem looking to expand our community
to greater heights
Join us on our amazing unique adventure today!!

Our Divisions:
-Street judges
-PSI & Urban intelligence
-Med Ops
-Support & Technical opoerations judges (TEK)
-Black ops (Special weapons and tactics operators)
-SJS judges

                                               Join our community today 
                                        For more information contact wolf#7573

Cons of the server:

  • A very different environment than what most players are used to.
  • No real life departments
  • Only one department and several specialty divisions