Looking for a server Administrator? Community Manager? Developer?



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Hello, I’m Matthew. A full-time Systems Administrator for a large Federal Auditing Company based out of the Central United States. I recently have gotten into FiveM as well as the development side of things and was looking to join a server as a possible Database Administrator or Community Development Manager but don’t know where to start. So I figured this was the closest place to advertise myself.

As stated previously I do have a full time job, and usually play around at night. Below are a few of my current interests and hobbies as well as qualifications



Windows 7
CompTIA A+
CompTIA Security +
CompTIA Network+



Denial of Service Attack Mitigation
CloudFlare Analysis
General Technology Trends
Database Management



Communication under Pressure
Server upkeep & routine maintenance
Filesystems backup and restores (incase of HDD Failure or Server corruption)
Blacklisting BIA MAC addresses (including spoofed addresses) to remove blacklisted IP’s

I know this isn’t exactly how most people present themselves on this section of the forums. But I feel like doing things differently. If you are in need of a professional Director in your server; feel free to contact me at the Steam address listed below.

My Official (and Only) Steam Account

EDIT: I’ve interviewed with a few different server hosts and Owners but didn’t feel as though they were setup in a way to promote a positive players atmosphere. I’m still looking. Instead of continuing to send me private messages please just message me on on this thread. Thanks!

Looking for a developer all positions
Looking for admins and developers for Hope of America RP

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Your Steam profile isn’t doing you any favors with all the talk of cheating. You should reconsider using it in your advertisement.


Hey! my name is Enrique and I am the Director of City Of Toronto Roleplay and we’d love to have you on our team. I sent you a friend request on steam but if you can join our community discord and we can chat further about this. https://discord.gg/tYfZdTs


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Bump. Again. If you are interested; Do NOT private message me. I will not answer PM’s. Leave a comment on the thread.


Good Evening!

Our Community

Join me on our teamspeak so I may speak with you.

TS3: ts3.cjarp.net



If youre still available I would love you to stop by at our discord!

Pm me if there are issues with the link, some people have it.

Thanks in advance,
LSRP Owner


This thread is now closed. I have far too many options at this point (37 servers) that would like me to help them create content. Thank you for stopping by and considering me. If you would like help with something feel free to message me via Discord at: Portholio#5471