Looking for a serious whitelisted community


As the title reads I am looking for a serious whitelisted roleplaying community.


Not the typical whitelist, its open but we control what goes on, meaning you have 5 minuets to join the teamspeak server before you are booted, you may not roleplay with us if you are not a member… We are Los Santos Public Safety. We are recruitng for LEOs and Fire and Communications. Weve been around for two years now and are newer on the PC.



We’re a whitelisted server with around 28 members. We have full-time civ department (can also be part-time civ, part-time LEO), PD, County, and State departments that are all hiring. We have patrols 4-5 days a week and sometimes impromptu patrols if we get enough people on.



currently building a serious RP community have over 30 waiting. Server will be ready soon. Come and offer suggestions and be a part of something.


Blaine County Roleplay is a whitelisted server with professional mods and scripts to provide a full role-playing experience. Join us today at https://blainecountysheriff.enjin.com/


We’re a fully whitelisted server with around 150+ members


You should join City Of V.
We are a serious whitelist RP clan, we have custom mods a cad as well as many other things.
you can apply at: http://cityofv.com
This is our ad if you would like to go through it


This is a serious community its called COJ(Control Of Justice) and we have 3 servers, Public server, whitelisted one, and a training sevrer. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CpZP1yF2BryUWSb0UZCqOEEyImDlTOfTQZWAqw8lpME