Looking for a serious RP community 1!


Hello. I’m 28 (European) and I’m looking for a serious and mature community (like DoJ if you will). I’m not sure if it is the right place to post this but correct me if I am wrong. So yeah I’m looking for a community that will be able to have ACTIVE members during EU times as well. That is my major problem. Timezones. Maybe most of the people got time because most of them are teenagers without jobs and no family to take care of. I’m interested to be a civilian but I also have some knowledge of LEO and EMS due to my experience on a public RP server. I’ve tried my luck before on few communities but they lacked members or if they had members they all were on during US time (4 am for me). I also tried my luck in DoJ I got accepted and such but I never can manage to get my training because … well time zone.


were always looking for more players but unfortunately I don’t think we are as serious as you may want it to be



Serious Police roleplay. Check it out if you would like.


Hi, I’m the director of the United States Society RP Community.
We’re an serious roleplay community with a lot of departments to choose from. We have LSPD, BCSO, SAHP, Secret Service, Fire, EMS, Dispatch and a lot more. We also have a custom CAD/MDT system.
We’re based in Europe and the United States.

Come over to our website to check out what we have to offer!


Good Company would like to invite you to our server!

Thanks again!
Officer Chris


Check out kingsmandoj.com they are really good guys serious and jokers at the same time there are quite a few guys from Europe there as well as USA and Canada and I even think a guy or two from down unda


Hey Novum RP is a community with amazing people working 24/7 to make us one of the best servers on Fivem. The Admins and Developers are some of the best staff you can ever have for a server. We usually have 20 people on our server every night. Between the civs and our officers, they combine for some great RP’s.
Our website is http://www.novumrp.com/6
Our FiveM server is :
Our Teamspeak is : novumrp.ts-ip.com
and our steam group is http://steamcommunity.com/groups/novumrp2
We have a few departments that are hiring and looking for serious members to join and grow through the ranks (CHP, LSPD, BCSO). We have a brand new Fire/Rescue and Dispatch (with a fully working in game MDT/CDT) department that was just opened. We have custom cars, and are getting ready to put in ELS within the next week. We are a serious RP community, where everyone opinion matters. We are always looking for new people to come and join us and are more then happy to help new comers when possible. If you have any questions feel free to contact me on team speak or any other admin we are always happy to help.

CHP Commissioner Jackson C. | 5X-1



I am a Dispatch Director by the name of Rick. I am a member of United States Society RP. We are in need of people as we are a community just starting out. We have multiple spots in command staff to fill, We are in the highest need for Fire/Ems/Coroner.

Here is the link for our website: http://societyrp.ga/departments/justice/
Our discord and teamspeak will be given upon arrival

We have a great community with lost of people to help you with your needs.

Best: Rick C. [C-01] | Head of dispatch