Looking for a serious Roleplay server!


Need suggestions for good Roleplay servers.
Preferably those that now exist over half a year or more. Would be superb if they would be based in UK and would have decent count of members. Definitely whitelisted!

Hope to hear some soon,




State of San Andreas Emergency Role Play Community.

Hi Kris
The community im in (SOSAERP) is a whitelisted realistic roleplay community that has both US and EU/UK members and are ran by people who are real life Law Enforcement Officers as well as Firemen and EMT’S. This gives us an advantage to bring members the most realistic role play possible. At State of San Andreas Emergency Role Play we offer opportunities for roleplay that are not usually considered by other communities allowing for Members to get a real life look at what Policing, Dispatching or FireFighting is in the real world. Our Police and Fire Team are always in training to learn more about their department. We train each member of the community so they will adapt in every situation we throw at them making our levels of role play to be wider than alot of servers.
We are actively recruiting people to all departments and would love to see you all in roleplay having fun. We accept anyone, but must be mature and will be accessed upon a interview entering the community. Many players will benefit and will not regret coming to our community.

Some of the features that we have in our community are…
Menu-Based server
Customized CAD/MDT System
Amazing Staff Team
Advanced Teamspeak Development
Advanced Discord Development
Fully Customized Civilian Cars
Fully Customized Police Car Skins
Custom Uniforms [EUP]
Custom Map Mods
Live Map (for dispatch and LEO’s)
Loads of different scripts (K9, realistic Handling, Recoil etc…)

The departments that we are actively recruiting are…
San Andreas State Police
San Andreas Fire Department
San Andreas Communications Department
Civilian Operations

Here is all of our server information so you can get started on your roleplay experience here at,
Website - https://www.sosaerp.com
Discord - https://discord.gg/Y8ZcpEn


My Name Is Tony And I Am Just Promoting A Small Server Looking For Players, I Am Not Any Staff But I Have A High Interest In The Server. The Server Is Whitelisted And Is MenuBased. When You Apply For The Server, You Go Through An Interview And Then Get Training. There Are Lots Of Vehicles That Are Addons Not Replacements. There Are Lots Of Divisions Ranging From PD To Bail Bonds. We Have Custom Police Vehicles. The Server Keeps Getting More Updates Nearly Daily. If You Would Be Interested, You Can Join The Discord ( https://discord.gg/aHRwhFX ) Or Apply Straight Away. ( https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdTNboEhRSUF3j0rnuEYEdj8_oPKcH5MtaDwoSB-EAUbwmgGQ/viewform ) (Its A Very Small Form) The Servers Aop Is Mostly Sandy But Can Change. The Server Is Very Fun And I Recommend You Apply And Test It Out. They Allow You To Be In Multiple Communitys But If You Are In A Different One You Cant Rank Up Much In Your Department. If You Have Any Questions Just Ask Me.
Thanks For Reading This, Tony.

Please Feel Free To Apply And Test Out The Server


Why are you capitalizing the first word of every sentence?


Thats Just How I Type.


I’m not sure if you are aware, but it gives off the impression you are uneducated and under the age of 12. I’d personally reccomend using proper grammar and you’ll get more people coming to your server! :slight_smile:


That’s probably because said individual most likely is under the age of 12… lol.


Didn’t want to be rude or imply it…



I am the Founder and Director of Federal Bureau of Justice RP,

we are a newly community just released our servers last week,

with an average of 2-8 players on daily

Here’s a link to our post of who we are and what we offer Recruiting - Looking for a Possible Partnership - Federal Bureau of Justice RP | Statewide RP | CAD/MDT System | Serious RP | We are a open community - Multi-clan allowed | Legal & Illegal Jobs | Hiring All Departments | Dispatchers

P.S we an open community, anyone can join no matter how many communities they are in.

plus our community has been made and built by the members for the members.

You suggest a script or car etc, we look into it. If it works, it’s added . If it doesn’t we look further into it.

Want to talk more then please message me on our discord https://discord.gg/xsCzk92