Looking for a script



Hi, I have been looking for a script for cops that they have keybinds for one, lock/unlock the carbine rifle(give/remove) and for the pump shotgun. It is like real life where they have to disable the lock on the guns to get them.
If that is not available would someone be willing to make it?



Are we talking about a safety script? Where you have to press a button to unlock the safety?

Maybe try that?


No, but that seems good too. I mean you have to be in a police vehicle and you can press a keybind to “unlock” (give) the weapon. One keybind being for the carbine rifle and one for the pump shotgut


So like a toggle carbine/shotgun? Where the LEO can get in the car, they go through some Nui Focus thing then they could select toggle carbine, then when they exit, it could say in chat they have unracked the carbine? Etc.


Yeah, basically. When they do that it will give them the weapon and they cannot put the file away until they get back into the car and “lock it” back up


Yep, we have this, its actually pretty simple, go ahead and search the forum for it.


Do you remember what the exact name is? I haven’t been able to find anything about it. Do you maybe still have the link for it?