Looking for a script/skins developer


Hello my name is Marcus / Karutoil,

I come to represent SADoPS a community built around console (still runs a community for console but expanding to fivem), A community that just recently just switched to FiveM for a better roleplay experience. The community is currently looking for developers (mainly skinning and alittle knowledge of scripting). When applying for the position you will speak to the head developer (me). You will need a resume and a portfolio of previous work. You will be interviewed one on one with the head developer, then with the director and asst director. If you are accepted as a developer you will be given access to our game panel. The game panel is a host panel but designed for the community, comes with FTP, Remote start and stop and a few other features as Built in server.cfg editor and file manager. If you are interested in the position, please message me on here or contact me on discord Karutoil#6850 . Please do not get upset if you are not accepted because it will not allow you to get future positions as a developer if your talent gets better.

–Marcus / Karutoil


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