Looking for a RP server to join

Me and my fiance are looking for a good and legit server to join.

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There are a lot of topics in this category for you to have a look. I personally suggest you just go and try out some populated servers on the server list. There are thousands to choose from.

The replies you will get here are most likely going to be people who just want players instead of really thinking about whether you are a fit for them. Liking a server is subjective. Use the in-game server list and just try out a server until you like it. That will be faster than expecting a good server in a reply here.

Good luck

Yo how are you my dude my community is really friendly and we would love for you to check it out ?

We’d love to have you , We are an exciting community offering you the opportunity to start a new RP life in a beauty city. Life of crime or law enforcement the choice is yours and possibilities are endless. We have an assortment of custom jobs with step by step guides. An active staff with quick development and new content. We listen to our community.

:large_blue_diamond:: Custom Cars
:large_blue_diamond:: Custom LEO
:large_blue_diamond:: Custom EMS
:large_blue_diamond:: Economy and Banks
:large_blue_diamond:: Active Vanilla Unicorn Dance Club
:large_blue_diamond:: Active Weazel News
:large_blue_diamond:: Large range of jobs
:large_blue_diamond:: Illegal jobs
:large_blue_diamond:: Weekly contests
:large_blue_diamond:: Trunk Storage
:large_blue_diamond:: Mafia in game
:large_blue_diamond:: Drugs
:large_blue_diamond:: Active moderation/Admin
:large_blue_diamond:: Developed menu for PED’s
:large_blue_diamond:: Dedicated Server
:large_blue_diamond:: NO lag

:beer:Scotch & Iron :taxi: | Serious RP | over 18 :underage: | Custom Cars,…
Welcome to Scotch & Iron, a roleplay server.All server rules and information are available on the Discord as well as the community discussions please make sure you join. You can also Click the tabs here for the The Server Rules and in game Controls.

Hey, Don’t worry I’m not gonna boast about how good our server is. That’s all the audience’s choice, not mine. Whenever you have time or feel like checking out another server, just join our discord and come have a chat if you want to :slight_smile: https://discord.gg/uPD2Uzv Thanks!


if you have not yet found a community to play in, check us out!

Our discord link to join is also there if you have any questions!.

Humanity Roleplay goes back to the basic, however important fundamentals of roleplay that started being offered in Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas (MTA:SA) and San Andreas Multiplayer (SA:MP).

We offer a unique, however important roleplay experience everyone should try!
Our In-depth immersion into roleplay offered at Humanity Roleplay moves the art of roleplay to another level.
We are extremely reluctant to limit roleplay possibilities, while offering many unique features.
Facing the facts, there are a great deal of servers in FiveM, yet we present ourselves in a professional and respected fashion.
The characters in the city of San Andreas, truly enjoy residing with us and becoming a part of the history and future at Humanity.

I mean… Need I say more? :slight_smile:

If you are still looking for a community come talk with us and let’s see if we can find you a home…

Southern States Roleplay

KryptonicRP is new and looking for members, our server is currently up and running smooth. | Apply to join over at https://forms.gle/VMvLMUvfqR6aNt6m9 - Hiring for ALL positions.

We are a new exciting community offering you the opportunity to start YOUR RP life in a new and exciting beautiful city. Life of crime or law enforcement (NOW HIRING) the choice is yours and possibilities are endless. We have:️ Custom Cars, Whitelisted LEO️, Whitelisted EMS & Pillbox️, Custom missions, Economy and Banks , ️Large range of jobs️, Illegal jobs,️ Mafia in game,️ Drugs️, Unicorn, Plenty of Y-maps, Active moderation/Admin️/Devs, Developed menu for PED’s,️ Dedicated Server,️ NO lag, Scotch & Iron, We listen to our players | over 18 | Custom Cars.

you can join: https://discord.gg/6xNjQnw

We are looking for STAFF, PD, EMS………………

Hello fellow Roleplayer!!!

I am from Alias Social and would be happy to have you on our whitelisted, lambda based community. Feel free to join our discord at alias.social/discord using your web browser or DM me personally at Jetmonkey17#0017.

Your Benefits:

  1. We have positions open that could be beneficial to you as well as the community.
  2. We are whitelisted
  3. We only accept mature players into our community with a decently strict age limit. Most of us are 18+.