Looking for a resource, can't find it anywhere. (Auto /me Pulls out WEAPON_NAME)



I’ve seen some server that have a script that automatically does “/me pulls out WEAPON_NAME”.
I’ve been searching for it, but couldn’t find it. Does anyone know where I can find it, or how to make the script?

I’m sure it’s just something like: make it detect what weapon a person is holding (blacklisted weapons), make it do the /me (whatever the resource has that), and Citizen.wait (or do the animation).

Anyone that can help? :smiley:


You can do it in many ways,

in GetSelectedWeapon and you will need to have 1 variable to store the old weapon , to prevent the spam and after that call the chatproxMe event of your /me , As i see what you’ve mentioned it’s all true , i think you can start script it . :smiley: