Looking for a reliable developer


My name is ItzDon or that’s the name I go by with on all over the internet. I am the owner of the server called Mafia vs. Police RP, we have been in FiveM for about 4-5 months. I had a developer friend who for some circumstances had to resign. Our server was well developed, and pretty popular during the Citizen Mp server, but as the circumstances with our previous Dev, we had to start a new server which we have been working on for a while, I have a friend who has been helping me with developing for a while, but we are just not that experienced into coding and understanding it. We have script hook enabled in server, we have our own designed police cars, and we have two dept. CHP and Ventura County Sheriff which is based after a county near los Angeles, since we are going California style. I have been trying to set up database but haven’t been able to. Tried different methods but failed. If anyone who is interested in free helping the server and putting a bit of time into our server and be part of the community, feel free to let me know. I will and have never forced my Dev to do a certain script, so I will not put any pressure on you considering you obviously have life outside of FiveM. We are mainly focusing on setting up a database(MySQL/couchdb). We are not really looking to any other major scripts such as banking and jailing. PLEASE respond to this topic.

Thank you,
Itz Don


Are you looking for a developer or a server administrator. I tell you one thing, a developer is not going to setup your database.


I mean, you can call it a administrator. Apologize for miss wording. But, yes pretty we are looking for someone who can help us setup a database, I have tried using MySQL as well as Couch Db, but both don’t work.


I can give you some assistance if you need it still.


Not really bud, we have set everything up and no more in lookout for a Dev.


Okay, no worries.

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Are you looking for a server to dev?


No, not really, I was just gonna help Don with the database side and the basics.


Okay, I was only asking because I am starting a highly engaged server with high requirements and training to make it 100% RP and no trolls join. I was only asking for developers looking for a new adventure. Let me know :slight_smile:


I run and develop my own server, thanks anyway pal.


Wait what server is that if I may ask.


Just curious, do you have any knowledge on setting up my sql database?


Yes I do I have set up many on other servers.


We would really appreciate it if you can some how help us on guiding for the SQL setup.


PM me.

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