Looking for a project/team


Hello, my name is Luke also known as DucksQuack. I am a passionate FiveM developer who is looking for a team to join and work on a community/project. I have good knowledge of FiveM and a variety of web skills such as forum creation/modification, php, mysql and much more.

What I want in you
I am looking for a community that is already setup and running who want to expand their team. I aim to help run a Serious RP server.

Feel free to contact me using the details provided below.

Contact Details
Discord: DucksQuack#0001
Email: lukeeeyfn@gmail.com
FiveM message


hey ! add me on discord



add me on discord Arcanum#0357


What’s up Tyler001#0248


Hit me up!

Hertog Jannes#8987

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So recently got back from vacation and still looking for a team.

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Online and awaiting some responses.