Looking for a good serious RP server with Vstancer


Since AFG has basically died I’m looking for a good RP server with modded cars & vstancer :slight_smile:



Come check us out! We have a drag strip and a Drift Track! Lotsss of custom cars!


come check us out we are a gaming network with multiple servers, our staff is nice and you will have a good time here https://discord.gg/CJ9FUrC


sorry if this isn’t what you are looking for, b/c I have no idea what Vstancer is, but here is a great server that I recently joined. Its Economy based and story based. You create your character with his/her back story in mind and play from it. I have Two characters right now. One is a LEO that is based “loosely” on my RL and my other character is the President of a MC that is being created in town. Come check it out if it sounds fun to ya! We have, from what I can tell so far, 5-10 very devoted players on daily. We just need to get those numbers up and get the stories rolling!