Looking for a good realistic community



Looking for a good community

[CDOD] California Department of Defense | New server | Need players! | Need LEO/Fire | Discord: https://discord.gg/sNEWhzg

Network of Reality - The most realistic roleplay community in 2019.
Owner: Network of Reality | Lime#1301

Why should you choose us?

  • Because we believe you will have the most realistic roleplay on this server than any other (not to sound rude).
  • As long as you’re able to make it in real life, you’re also able to make it here.
  • We allow Aviation, and Military roleplay.
  • Unlimited job choices. Create your own gang/business and Rule San Andreas.
  • We make sure you are yourself and do exactly what you want within the very few rules we have.
  • We listen to you, and the community. Your voice will be heard.
  • We have about 50 GTA IV vehicles as add-ons that you can choose from with many more add-on vehicles coming in everyday.
  • A bunch of custom police vehicles.
  • Lots of map mods.
  • We don’t say “No” to creativity, be open, be free, and have fun.
  • State-Wide RP 24/7.
  • Super cars are allowed everywhere except on dirt road (common sense)
  • We never talk out of character. We have key words on our discord server about what most things means.
  • First server to legit allow all DLC vehicles.
  • Police Interaction Script
  • We allow the most things that will get you banned on other communities. This means we are more open, and allowing more fun.

More can be found here:

  • If you have any questions, feel free to add me on discord Network of Reality | Lime#1301 .
    Official Network of Reality Discord Server: https://discord.gg/4Pp4pRE
    Server IP:
    Server Name: Network of Reality


We at First ChoiceRP will welcome you into our Family. We are a new community, the head administration members are veteran roleplayers, and veteran server owners that have one mission, and that is to create serious but quality RP. If you are interested hop on over to our forums to register and apply today!


Want a community that treats your right, now just another annoying player they dont really want to deal with? Do you like real life scenarios? Do you want the ability to gain ranks and accelerate in your departments fast? Do you want a trust worthy server that listens, and goes above and beyond to ensure everyone is treated fairly and right? We are also looking for developers for scripts, cad/mdt, vehicle models, vehicle metas, textures, teamspeak, ped, community website.We are looking to fill these positions ASAP, we also need a head developer. We need someone who can edit current scripts, as well as develop custom ones. Come check us out… Southern Redwoods RP community https://discord.gg/SawMCj


State Of Injustice Roleplay. We have a decent amount of members in it.
We are a community that treats our members like regular people.
DeputyTyler (Tyler R) from youtube is the Director.
We have Discord, TS, ETC.
Please HMU on Discord if you are interested in joining: Omid A.#7438.


Hey are you bored of joining a server and not being able to do the things you want becasue of restrictions !!!

Well look no further here at Haven-RP we have a great staff team and we also have a great ranking system which give you the civilian the opportunity to work your way up the ranks pretty quickly. we have a professional Police and EMS team which use EUP so you can become friends with you local police officer and you know who your bumping into all the time instead of bumping into twins lol. were always on the hunt for admins and staff members and we have an active Dev team who customise the server to your liking all the time i.e if you want a custom house then they will make sure you get one.

so if your fed up of being just a number and want to start a new life with Haven-RP then head on over to our discord and come say hello we range from 15 to 20 players per night so not to busy so your actully able to speak to people instead of being shot for no reason.

we also have a website so go and check it out and hopefully see you in the City very soon.

HavenRP Owner JT

Discord - https://discord.gg/NgpT44D
Website - www.havenrp.co.uk


In SCJRP you have the opportunity to shine. New Members are recognized here, your successes will not go unnoticed. handwork and dedication are highly appreciated by our staff and will allow you to occupy high ranking positions. Take your time to look around and explore what we have to offer here at SCJRP. If you like what you see, feel free to apply to become a registered member of the SoCal Justice Roleplay Community. We hope to see you out here and join the fun with us!

Join our Public Relations Discord - https://discord.gg/RDwEYDD

Website - https://scjrp.weebly.com/

Age Requirement- 14 Years Old


About Us:
Old Line State Roleplay was founded in late 2018 (December to be exact) by two dedicated and experienced roleplayers. We aim to provide a realistic and professional experience while keeping it fun and in game boundaries. The community is always open to suggestions and new people. The community is run like a democracy where every person has a say to make sure everyone enjoys their stay and to stay engaged with our members.

Our Departments:

  • San Andreas State Police - Applications Open
  • San Andreas Department of Public Safety - Applications Open
  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office - Applications Open
  • Los Santos Police Department - Applications Open
  • Communications - Application Open
  • Civilian - Applications Open
  • San Andreas Fire Department (Coming Soon)

What we have available:

  • A friendly environment to be in.
  • A fully functional server to play on.
  • Serious Roleplay (NO TROLLING)
  • Custom LEO/FD/DOT/and assets. (Custom handling tuned to be realistic)
  • Luxart vehicle control.
  • Custom Discord rich presence.
  • Active staff/admin/dev team.
  • Frequent updates for new content.

Much more to come in the near future!


  • You MUST be in possession of a legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V, except dispatchers.
  • You MUST be 13+ and be mature and professional
  • You MUST have a quality headset with no feedback
  • All community members must be respected 24/7

Our Discord:

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