Looking for a free legendary developer



Looking for a developer to help make an out of this world Police/Citizen Realism game or a Terminator Vs Marine game. Will talk more about it if interested would really love to get this up and running so badly :smiley:


Getting a developer to help you = Ten Tips

  1. What i offer to a developer

Server Specs:

GTX Server

High Quality Server = 4Ghz + (Ultra Performence)

Real Time CPU Priority

M.2 SATA (PCIe SSD) - V - NAND 2017 500% BOOST

Offering Server Access

The Developer will have almost full access to the server to maintain and add new and exciting scripts to keep the fun an enjoyment of the server going.

It will take time, how long can you wait?

Time isn’t an issue. As they say to make something great one must wait.

What will you do? Answer it

Help the developer as best i can and invite and bring new and exciting people to the server to enjoy and appricate there work.

Do you need a developer or basic tech support?

A person who has a high knowledge of building and making scripts and can edit the script or mod to suit certain games types.

Have a plan written out which they can see.

So far the plan for the server is a Terminator vs Marine realisim gameplay set in motion with a high quality of members wanting to play the goal is to constantly improve the game play and expand the server.

What will be unique or why should people care about your server?

Cops vs civilians has been done alot and so has Marines vs Npc Zombies.

Want to mix it up with whitelisted terminators vs Marines within a confined wall inside the city or around the city having to make the marines search for food and water and fuel and scraps to build / Make vehicles or salvage vehicles and grab food to sruvive whilst trying to sabotage the terminators in groups or run from them.

Something really exciting.

If you read the advert, would you want to do it?

The advert for it is simple… If your willing to help make an amazing server and put alot of time and effort into it your efforts will not go unoticed and you will be compinsated for it.

Build trust

I will be honest my knowledge with making these things is 0% and i have no idea what i would be doing thats why im requestiong a developer but in saying that i will help in away best i can.

What do they get from it?

A full time position as Developer and admin on the server if they wish it. + Advertisment on the login screen of the developer who made the server and giving full credit due to them as being a major part in it’s creation.


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Bumped still looking for one if any are interested.