Looking for a fivem server


Is their any fivem server anyone runs tat i can join and be an admin or owner and i can help add stuff too. if their is reply back pls.


https://forum.fivem.net/c/server-development/server-bazaar Have a look in here.

If you want to help running a server, you should try and advertise yourself better. You need to gain people’s trust. Explain what your skills are and experience is and what you expect from a server. There are many types of servers. No one will make you owner. To become admin you need to gain trust.


Check out Buffalo City RP. We have many additions and i would love to have a chat. Honestly, I could use the help. https://discord.gg/SgxTKjr


California Law Roleplay

Hello, My name is Alberto, I would first like to thank you for taking the time to read this! welcome to Califonia Law Roleplay! this server is meant to have strict Roleplay from Civs to Cops. Currently, anyone can be cops as long as you are on the discord server! We will be whitelisting cops soon! also for Civs we have different levels of civs everyone starts off at civ 1. The way to get promoted to civ 2 and 3 is to follow the civ SOP. please read our Civ SOP. After reading this feel free to roleplay! So join our discord and check out our server! Our Discord

Once again thanks!!