Looking for a different server than Roleplay


I’m making this topic more to let developers know there are people interested in other server types than RolePlay, me and my friends are pantiently waiting for new gamemodes to play. Although some of us really had fun on San Andreas Multiplayer roleplaying Servers, I feel like FiveM RP servers are too dependent on communication to be fun, it feels like the game is just a platform for roleplaying and don’t entertain us by itself, which isn’t a problem, but it doesn’t appeal to us. We’re eagerly waiting to see cool and creative ideas being added to servers, sometimes I open this forum looking for something new but no luck, I’ve even found a few, but they’re so barebones it’s not much fun to play on.
If you own or are making a different server, feel free to leave a discord link and I’ll call my friends to hop in it when we can.