Looking for a developer to help setup server


Hi All,

I’m looking for a server developer to help setup a server for Fivem Roleplay. I run a ZapHosting FiveM server as we speak. am manly looking for the help to add resources such as addon cars/police/ems in game.

Reply here or PM me for more information,


There is something new in the works
Check it out


hello, do you still need a developer?


I would not say im a “Developer” Im a configurator. I have a server setup, all i need is access to add it! Add me on discord: Zak#4200
And we can have a chat!


@FiKZWolf or @Hyperlion Do any of you still have availability to want to lend a helping hand in setting up a server?


sure. Send me a discord link :slight_smile:



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