Looking for a developer. Los Santos RP


We are starting out fresh, we used to run a fairly popular server but after some time away from the game, the community over there as fallen. We are hoping to come back to the ways before when we would sit at loading screens for a hour trying to get into a full server.

We are in need of a developer though. I am somewhat experienced and have been using a lot of community released scripts but would love for someone to come in and help out developing new scripts and fine tuning ones we have.

Some examples of what we would like developed would be:

  • In-Game MDC, something like a menu that we could use to charge people with crimes, search criminal history, input fines, jail time, etc. all in the same ui/menu.
  • Consolidate scripts/menus into one menu to avoid having 6 hotkeys for different menus
  • Working CAD although I know that can be the same as a MDC at times.

We are serious about our community, even just starting it out we know what it takes to run a community and build something. You would not be required to work with anyone but us unless you chose to be a part of our ranks.

Feel free to message me on discord wes187inc#4869

Please know we are really wanting someone who can work on their own, build their own resources, not someone who can take scripts from the community, I already can do that which is why we are looking into a more skilled developer lol. Giving us examples of your work would help us in knowing you are the right person for the job.


Hey man i tryed to do you friend request but it didnt wotk my discord is James Carven #4132
i know how to develope a server


You just recently made a thread saying you are new to coding and don’t know how to code.

Your thread.


Nope I have figured it out


He learned to code in 16 hours. Impressive. I guess I was fooled into a 4 year degree. :confused:


While I appreciate your interest, there is no way you could do the things we are looking for at the moment. There is just a lot that goes into coding and with the scripts we are looking to bring onto the server, it takes experience.

For others who have messaged me and to let people know for future contacts, I am looking for someone who can create on their own not modify already created scripts. Granted there may be times you would need to adjust settings, commands, etc. But mostly I can handle that, I just need someone to develop unique custom scripts like menus, MDC, CAD, separate characters, etc.

After speaking to the other guy I am running this with, we have discussed reimbursement for your troubles, this is something that would only apply to someone with the skill to do what we need without hesitation.


Reimbursement in the form of payment? That is against the FiveM Terms of Service and will result in your server being banned.


I was not aware it was against the ToS to pay a developer, I always figured aslong as the server itself wasn’t making money, things were ok. How do these sites selling CADs get by then? They are pretty much making money off FiveM and GTA.

But thank you for letting me know, we thought about reimbursement in many forms, but I will make sure money is not one of them now.


Good question. I’ve never researched anything like that. Perhaps because they aren’t actually hosting FiveM servers so there’s no way to ban them. Doesn’t make it not against the ToS but perhaps unenforceable.

Good luck with the development of your server.