Looking for a developer / helper for a fresh server



Hey folks!

Me and a few of my friends are starting up a FiveM server with focus on RP. And were looking for a person to help us with coding & suggestions going.

So what do we already have?
We have a GFX & Website creator.
A core staff of people age - 30 ish and a ton of experience in hosting other types of game servers.
Most of us are in the EU but a few of us from the US.

We don’t have a name decided yet so website up but it’s in the works.

Interested? Type down below on your experience & age.

Or just join the brand new discord that’s up for this. https://discord.gg/bBAHwRW


Hey im very experienced with coding mostly FiveM i own a server but at the moment i cant keep my server up i will kindly give you my server and modify it to your likings to get it up as soon as possible im curious if you would like my server and if i give it to you can me and a couple of my admin team become admins on your server if so i will not charge you