Looking for a developer all positions


Hello My name is Marcus / Edelin,

Today I have come to the FiveM forums to look for developers (scripters, graphic designs and much more). The community I work for has been apart of the grand theft auto role playing business for awhile now. They are originally based on Xbox (still does Xbox) they would like to join the FiveM business of role playing. I am looking for other developers because I cannot focus all my time into developing at the moment. If you would like to become a developer you will have full access to the server including a control panel ran by me and whatever resources you need. If you like to apply for a position add me on discord Karutoil#6850 or PM me here.

Sincerely, Marcus


Add me on discord and I can possibly help u out @Nick Robin#4736


Feel free to check out my qualifications if you are interested in having someone join your team.





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