Looking for a brand new home! Have past experience from management to staff


Hello all

I’m looking to find a brand new forever home over the past few months. Havent had any success yet.
I have many experiences from being apart of management to staff.
I also have experiences in being multiple Fire Chiefs, Deputy Directors for multiple LEO Departments and being one hell of an amazing Civ Director.

To those who are seeking a major player to join their community, please only contact me if you’re serious about growing your community! (Preferably looking to join 16+ communities)


Hey I’m J.Kremers and you can check us out. We launched about a day ago and have 23 members already.

Please check our post out to see if you like it and will also send you a PM on discord under the name J.Kremers#3443


We Welcome You To Our Server


already found a new community thanks!

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