Lookin for something new... or perhaps old? Welcome to California Retro 1980's! | Vintage CHP, LAPD, LASD With realistic and historical vehicles weapons/peds!



IP To get started:

Discord: Join Here

Type that into direct connect with the :30160 after the IP (so you don't connect to the primary server which is Florida Based... Also is super awesome and finalized) , or server search us at California Retro 1980's Community!

So heres some background to this project.

I currently own another FiveM server but wanted to try something new for a change, that community is ran off the discord link, so don't be too worried when your see Florida Roleplay Community instead of the Cali Retro. With this server I have been testing ELS, it has sort of worked but not to the extent I wanted it to. So the server isnow non ELS but with some high textured 1980's LASD and CHP vehicles, along with the according real-life accurate peds and weapons. Here are some pictures!