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Welcome to Long Beach Roleplay
I Hope You Find Your Place And Enjoy!

Our Discord
Our Website
Our Teamspeak is: lbgnrp.zap-ts3.com
Our Server IP is:


What we offer ?

we offer 5 Departements:



Highway Patrol



and also 3 divisions



K9(in the working)

To join either BCSO, LSSD, Highway Patrol, Fire, EMS, Swat, Detective, K9 you have to:

Have a Proper working mic
Can speak and type English good
Be mature
Listen to higher ups
Have the required skill
Be at least 13+

Civilian Requirements

Have a Proper working mic
Can speak and type English good

Who are we ?
We are a couple days old server our goal is to have a big community and great rp, We always want the best roleplay so that is why we have a great staff team that way you wont have to worry about modders/trollers

Why you should join us over another server ?
You should join us because we offer custom cars and good roleplay which is very nice all our cops/ems are whitelisted so the roleplay is great when it comes to them. Our goal is to become full statewide which means we need players if you join i promise you will have a great time, our staff team is great and if you have any problems you can go right to them, I hope you join!

Looking for a decent server, with some serious RP thats looking for a cop with a lot of experience
Looking For A Good Car Server
Looking for a serious roleplaying server

We have skinned all the highway patrol cars to now say San Andreas highway patrol


do not join this server the admins are corrupt and LONG LONG (8 hour +) trainings!!!


@MadCat Coming from the one that banned most of are members on the discord? (corrupt admins, yes you were a corrupt admin but you are now banned)


If you care about your members so much then do something instead of sitting on your noggin doing nout