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London Real Life RP

Who are we?
Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this. My name is Dmitri P, and I have attempted to run many servers before this, and all times i have failed, I failed cause I was just like everyone else, OH CUSTOM SCRIPTS! Blah blah blah. I want to be different, I don’t want people to stress over ranks and such, I want simplicity. Well now you got it.

Our Vision
Fivem is supposed to be fun, it’s a game, that sometimes people take to seriously, we wan to change that! We want to embrace that inner fun and let it shine. LRLRP is not just another community, we are the next fivem community that will change the way you look at role play.

Why us?
Your thinking why should we join this community? You don’t have to, I am just telling you information. Back to the simple,we do not require any members to to fill out a application for any department, and we give you a rank based on your previous experience. Just like a real job, for example if someone has more experience than another, they will get a higher position.

So if your into simple role play why don’t you come on down and take a look? I my self Dmitri want to enhance the word ROLE PLAY and make it sound a little more fun and simple!



I will help add me on discord at


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What’s ur discord name


What’s your discord name


My discord name is James Carven #4132 and Austin blocked me too


Hello sir, i’ve been part of DOJ community developer (Department of justice)and i know something about the fivem server, we were community with a trusting all our members so i hope you have same kind of vision about this, then when this is said if your server is not " Trying to make roleplay that realistic as possible to get" then i’m not going to help you, if i see something eg. wasting my time i’ll gonna say you that and after 1 “Warning” if that happen again i’ll gonna leave your community if you agree these then you are good to go and send me message & answers on discord which is: makkaraboi#2303

please answer honestly these questions you can’t detail enough so take time for filling that:

  1. Host type eg. dedicated, Zap, net9, etc , or home host

  2. Ram/server capasity/server power (Amount of processor cores (power usage in W if home hosted fan for the processor and (processor clock ration MH/z or GH/z)

  3. What you want for that server

  4. What kind of rp eg. menu surfing or just making things without money.

if you haven’t already send the message for me then just do more details that you can when you think you are done check the text twice or more times then sent it and i’ll review it on week after that you will be interviewed by me and after that process if you pass every “tests” then we are good to go and create our server and community.

we can speak more about the community server(s) after the interview process.


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